I saw the poster for this months ago. I thought it was a joke. But ti turns out it is very real. Unlike the story line of the new movie. Or is it?The jyst of what I have gotten from the preview is "Abe Lincoln's mother was supposedly killed when he was young. Murdered by a Vampire. Our 16th President takes it upon himself to eliminate Vampires that try to take over America.

Yeah it seems like a stupid movie. But that is what I need some days. According to guyspeed.com "Honestly, we have no idea if this movie will deliver in terms of character and story, but it’s sure to offer plenty of fun and inventive horror-action madness, especially with ‘Nightwatch’ and ‘Wanted’ director Timur Bekmambetov behind the camera. Still not sold? Consider this: The lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Mary Todd Lincoln"

In theaters Tomorrow!