It is that time of year. For some, it is time to start growing the fabled "hunting beard" and for others it is "NO-SHAVE November." Either way we want to see your bitchin beard. We are looking to see who has the best beard in Western Montana. It is time to wax them whiskers and submit your photo for the Beard-Off 2014.

Starting 11/10, We will take 2 of the bearded submissions and put them heard to head in a battle of the beard. We will put the 2 beards to a vote. The winner will go on to the next round against a new contestant. Whoever is left standing after 4 rounds will be crowned the "most bitchin beard in Western Montana" on December 5th. The winner will not only score the kick ass title, but also rewarded a pair of tickets to see Flogging Molly LIVE at the Wilma on Friday December 12th.

Submit your photo now!