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Beard Off 2014 – Round 1 [VOTE]
We are on a quest to find the "most bitchin beard in western Montana." It is time to initiate 2 fury gladiators into battle. Who's whiskers are the toughest? We need your help in deciding who will win. Check out each of this week's contestants and vote for the wildest whi…
Beard-Off 2014 [CONTEST]
It is that time of year. For some, it is time to start growing the fabled "hunting beard" and for others it is "NO-SHAVE November." Either way we want to see your bitchin beard. We are looking to see who has the best beard in Western Montana. It is time to wax the…
Beard Off Winner Crowned – Charlie Beer-Do
It has been a long battle, but the Beard Off champ has taken the title of furriest critter in town. Charlie Beer-do was nice enough to stop by the studio today to claim his prize. Not only does he gain bragging rights but also gets to check out the Korn show tomorrow and Halestorm on July 16th. To s…
Beard Off Winner Crowned Today on SCKC Show
Spawned out of the Shawn and K.C. afternoons on the Blaze. The Beard Off has turned into a quest to find the most bitchin beard in town. The final round has come to an end and your Beard off winner will be announced this afternoon.
Year of the Beard – Beard Off Continues [VIDEO]
As some of us may know. Growing a beard is not easy. Mine has been growing since Labor Day 2011 and cannot hold a candle to our "Beard Off" contestants. Check out this video montage of a daily record of the birth of a bitchin beard.
Beard Off – Chicks Dig It [VIDEO]
I have had a struggle to decide whether or not to shave my beard. It started last Labor Day as a "hunting thing" and has been with me ever since. I started by telling everyone that I would not shave it until I got my Elk. Now, here it is, almost a year later and I still have yet to…
Black Label Society “Overlord” – Vidiot
Zakk Wylde will be a special guest on Friday's SCKC show. As we recover from the Black Stone Cherry show hangover. Tune in at 2pm for advice on life from the "legendary master of the axe." For today's vidiot we take a look deep inside the crazy mind of Brother Zakk.

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