Less than two weeks before the annual Blaze Ghost Hunt. We are still getting a bunch of great stories from you blazers looking to join our paranormal investigation. We got a great one recently from Kasi, who shared with us a story about a childhood sleepover that got really creepy.

I have had many experiences with the supernatural, but here is the creepiest by far.

I was living in Silver Star, MT at the time (I can sense you opening up google right now. Spooky, right?) and most of my friends were in the Twin Bridges area. I was staying the night with a friend, lets call her Rebecca, who was just three miles west outside of town. She was very curious about the paranormal for a twelve year old, and owned a Ouija board and brought to school often, and loved to tell and hear ghost stories. I thought it was fascinating, as well, and when she told me her house was haunted I wanted to know more. While exploring her 10 acre backyard, she started telling me a story. She told me of how an orphanage used to be on her family's property, and pointed out the foundation of the old building along with some artifacts (bed frames, dressers, and old oven) scattered the area. She then brought up three siblings that stayed at the orphanage ( older sister, and two young boys) who kept going out in the yard searching for their deceased parents. One time the siblings never returned and were never found. Rebecca stopped in front of a marble, cubed stone hidden behind a hay bale. Etched neatly on the stone was all three of their names and ages in memorium. I was in shock, because I had believed Rebecca was just pulling my leg this whole time.

Later that night, my friends parents left us alone to watch cartoons and eat our weight in popcorn. I was still curious about the sibling story, so I kept asking questions about it like how she knew about the story, and if she "saw" the kids. She just shrugged and said she sometimes hears the youngest boy. Shocked that she would be so nonchalant about hearing a dead boy I just dropped it. While watching "A Goofy Movie" I started to hear something off in the distance so I shushed her and stopped the film.

In my panic I told her to turn the lights out, which when I look back on it is a totally stupid idea. Why would you turn the lights out when you are hearing stuff in a haunted house?

There it was, faint and very very spooky a soft voice you could barely make out, but distinctly coming from a child. "Mommy!" We froze and listened to the voice call out three times until it stopped. I stared at my friend and started asking her: who was in the house? are your neighbors in on this? Did you invite another friend to do this? Where are they hiding?

She just laughed and called her parents to prove they weren't there. Showed that the nearest neighbor was at least a mile away, and took me through the whole house to show no one was hiding. She just said, "This happens all the time" and jumped on the couch and pressed play on the VCR.

Needless to say I didn't sleep that night, and her creepy porcelain dolls she had in her room weren't helping that much either.


Ha! The "Goofy Movie!" Love it.... Thanks for sharing your spooky story Kasi. Like I said before, child hauntings are the scariest for me. Something about hearing a disembodied voice say "mommy," makes me wet my huggies. Good thing your friend was a calm as a Hindu cow, or I would have been out of there faster than Goofy can say "Ah-yuck."

If you would like to be considered for a spot on this year's investigation, submit your story now. Deadline is October 26th, and our winner will be selected October 27th.