Goose Hunter Spots Kangaroo
I have witnessed some different wildlife from the duck blind. But, nothing like what an Oklahoma goose hunter recently witnessed.
Ghost Of Missoula Child Caught on Tape
a mother reached out to us via Facebook to share video evidence of an orb in her home. It is clear that the orb is not just a lazy piece of dust. It has it's own flight pattern and even seems to generate its own light.
Our Top 3 Ghostly Montana Voices Caught on Tape
Its Halloween, and we here at The Blaze want to make sure you get goose bumps. For nearly a decade, we have joined forces each Halloween with local paranormal investigators, Tortured Souls Investigations. It is safe to say that in that time, we have discovered some interesting things we cannot expla…
Hunter Kills Prized Horse
According to the report, they found a horse with a purple blanket on its back had been shot and killed.

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