I think I was still in high school when I first caught a case of the YDTs.  If you have had the chance to see these guys before, you understand that this was not a "Yeah I saw those guys, so what?"  They were a "Hell ya I saw those guys! Whens the next show?!?"  This was a band that I can honestly say that if they were having an off night on stage, I would have never been able to tell.  YDT was always able to energize the crowd.

What got me about these guys is that they supported their fans as much as it was the other way around.  I was touring with a Missoula band a couple years ago and when we made a stop in Seattle.  A couple of the YDT guys came down to show support.  When we did the Local 406 Block Party, YDT came down from Seattle just to play that show.

On Saturday, Dec 31, Your Divine Tragedy played their final show at the Showbox in Seattle.  I'm still pouting that I couldn't make it. So this is my farewell/ Thanks for the awesome times and great music guys!   If you Blaze listeners want to reminisce  on the YDT days of old... Ill be chatting with the guys on Local 406 this Sunday from 5pm-6pm