Danish rock legends, Volbeat, will be making their way to Missoula for a LIVE show on March 20th.The tickets for Volbeat at the Wilma Theatre sold out faster than you can say "Det var hurtigt." Thankfully, we have some to give away. You will have to work for them though. All you need is to harness your scavenger hunting skills and find the flag of Denmark somewhere on this website.

Each day we will announce a clue at 2pm (if not found, another clue at 5pm,) your job will be to scour the Blaze website to find the flag of Denmark.

EXAMPLE: This is what you are looking for. (note: this does not count as finding the flag)


Use the clues given on-air to find the flag buried in somewhere on Blaze website. Also, check back to this post to find out if the flag has been found and to receive a bonus clue.

Bonus Clue

"Capra Hircus"

On-Air Clue


Friday's flag has been found. Turns out using Latin words isn't enough to throw you off of the trail. Congrats to Jeanette Thompson for finding today's flag, and thanks to everyone for playing all this week.

The flag was located in this post: http://963theblaze.com/pantera-goats-video-clip/