You have heard about the recent news of George Lucas selling the rights to the Star Wars franchise to the Disney corporation. Now Disney is banning Machinehead from performing at any venue owned by Disney. Why the beef?

According to

In 2007, Walt Disney Properties banned Machine Head from the ‘House of Blues’ venues in both Anaheim, Calif., and Orlando, the respective cities that are home to Disneyland and Disney World. Machine Head were banned by the company to due the band’s “violent imagery,” “inflammatory lyrics” and the group’s “undesirable fans.”

These accusations come from the company that created ‘The Lion King,’ which features antagonist Scar plunging his claws into his brother Mufasa’s paws before allowing him to fall from a cliff only to be trampled to death by a heard of wildebeest. Disney also included the song ‘Savages’ in the film ‘Pocahontas,’ where the character Ratcliffe sings the lyrics, “They’re savages! / Barely even human … Dirty redskin devils,” about Native Americans.


Meanwhile, Insane Clown Posse was originally signed to the Disney label and they even asked Motorhead to write a song called "Dog Faced Boy" for the Bolt soundtrack.