On November 19th, Foo Fighters posted a photo of Dave Grohl's awesomely bloody guitar on Facebook and Twitter saying ''First practice. Been too long. Look out, Mexico..."


The band will play shows in Mexico City tonight and Friday for 55,000 fans and warmed up on Monday by playing a surprise gig at a pizza joint in California for 200 people. Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza in Moorpark dubbed it "Foo Fighters Christmas Dance Party!" and patrons were surprised with a 23 song set. Lucky bastards!!


Diners, who paid just $10 for entrance, were already expecting an appearance from Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who was scheduled to play with his band Chevy Metal as part of a Christmas event. Best Christmas ever!!

In other Foo news, 'The Grohl Sessions: Vol. 1', which is a Zac Brown Band EP with Dave Grohl on drums, was released yesterday. Sadly, it's only available on iTunes.

Also, Dave's 'Sound City: Reel To Real' documentary has been nominated for several Grammy's and a Cinema Eye Honors Audience Choice Prize, vote here.

And my favorite news of all, Foo Fighters plan to release a new album in 2014 and it's my sincere hope that this means another North American tour. I haven't seen them live in 792 days.