Wow, what is THIS guy's deal?


Dysfunctional Veterans shared this awful post on their Facebook page, and the responses are laughable. "File under: 'panties in a twist'" is right!

What I really love about the whole thing is that most of the responses are funny rather than threatening. I mean the person who wrote the original post is clearly disturbed.

Some of the best comments are memes like this one...

But others include:

Looks like someone failed the ASVAB. "thanks for coming in son, well call you."

Sorry guys, this one is on me... I kinda had a three way with his Mom and girlfriend...

Someone is grumpy because they don't get a free turkey sandwich at Chillis.


Just thought it was cool that most of the people who commented on the Dysfunctional Veterans page got a good laugh out of it rather than stooping to his level and starting a fight.

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