I have had some questionable experiences in Cheney during the semi-annual Griz vs. Eagles game. One of these experiences included a bunch of swords, which we we bought at Lincoln's $50,000 Silver Dollars, and a couple fifths of everclear. Let's just say the walls in my friend's house allow a lot more airflow than before that trip. Another Griz vs. EWU game resulted in handcuffs, three gallons of hot sauce, water guns, burning cars and a frat-house fight. Needless to say, I should stay away from Cheney.

Why waste the gas money and drive to the "thriving metropolis" of Cheney, WA? Join us for the  Town Pump Outdoor Griz Viewing Party on Saturday, Sept. 29 at Caras Park. We are hookin' up 10 BIG screens and listening to Mick and Gurns do the play-by-play, coupled with tailgating and our very own Griz PA announcer, Peter Christian. This will feel like a home game, and it won't involve swords, everclear, hot sauce or handcuffs.

Town Pump Grizzly Outdoor Viewing Party, Saturday, Sept. 29, 2 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Caras Park Pavilion, 101 Carousel Drive Missoula, 59802