This is some truly amazing stuff right here.  This nerd Ben Heck has his own webcast, The  Ben Heck Show.  Awesome name Ben.  Ben's deal is that he hangs out in his mother's basement all day eating Hot Pockets, playing X-Box and watching football.  Pretty killer gig.  But one thing was bringing Ben down, he found frustration in the fact that he could not munch his 4 trillion degree Hot Pocket (cheese burn!!) while geeking out on X-Box.  So he turned off the TV for a week and invented this amazing video game controller with a Hot Pocket dispenser on it.  He goes all out with white boards, math equations, Hot Pocket measuring and a variety of tools.  My favorite part is the dispenser has this little lever on the side that you can easily thumb to keep pushing up your pocket up without messing up your game.

Here's the step by step on how to make your own (say goodbye to the next week of your life).  Ben was so focused on trying to get back to gaming that he even mis-titled his You Tube upload with "Hot Pocker" rather than "Hot Pocket".