Did you know that house fires effect over 350,000 homes a year and that they are more prevalent in the winter? Mark Noland from Rainbow Restoration would like to share the following simple tips can help prevent a major disaster in your home or business:

  • Keep anything that can start on fire three feet from heating equipment and never use an oven as a heat source.
  • Turn space heaters off when leaving the room and have your furnace and chimney serviced each year.
  • Never leave the room when frying, broiling or grilling foods and keep all vents clear of snow and ice to prevent carbon monoxide backup.
  • Never leave an unattended load in the washing machine and have your water heater checked by a professional every 2 years.
  • Never vent an exhaust fan into the attic and fix water leaks and seepage as soon as you notice them.
  • Watch for sudden spikes in your water bill and clean gutters and make sure down spouts are pointed away from the foundation.
  • Leave 3 inches of space between your fridge and wall to prevent kinking in the hose and turn off your water supply when leaving home for extended trips.

Simple tips to help protect you and your family. Find us online at rainbowmt.com. Rainbow Restoration.. We take the stress factor out of your home disaster.