photo: facebook/fitness girls

To coin an old phrase (from about 10 days ago): Now that I've got your attention. . . Here we are, more than a month into 2013, and I'm wondering how your New Years Resolution (assuming you made one) is coming along? Some of the more common resolutions include losing weight, or joining a gym, or going on a diet . . . some resolution aimed at making you less fat and/or more attractive (assuming you see a correlation between the two).

Anyway, an article in Business News Daily says that we're kind of slack-assy about resolutions. Over 33 percent of Americans cheat on their resolution in the first week. Furthermore, as far as exercise resolutions go:

Nearly 20 percent of those surveyed who were committed to attending a regular exercise class have not done so, while 17 percent haven't joined a gym as they had set out to do.

Maybe these people know something the physically fit don't . . . maybe these anti-exercise folks have seen this video and figure F-it, I'll stay on the sofa where it's safe. And besides, I don't NEED to go to a gym to see chicks like that one up there, because I'VE got the INTERNET. Yay!