It's been a busy few weeks for Machine Head. They postponed a few dates due to Rob Flynn's spur-of-the-moment hernia surgery. Now Phil Dremmel reveals plans for a new Machine Head album (no rest for the wicked!). The plan is to wrap up the current tour, and then get to work on new material.

Machine Head first popped on my radar when I saw them on Ozzfest 1997 (greatest show EVER - Pantera, Type O Negative, Coal Chamber, 3/4 of the original Sabbath, Manson in all his Antichrist glory, Fear Factory). As we approach the anniversary of Dime's slaying, I figured I'd toss up a Machine Head song from their 2007 release The Blackening. Robb posted a lengthy piece about his friendship with Dime a number of years ago, and mentions an article by a guy named William Grim entitled 'AESTHETICS OF HATE: R.I.P. DIMEBAG ABBOTT, & GOOD RIDDANCE'


So Robb responded the best way he knew how - with this song.