I always wonder how some bands come up with their names, especially the ones that don't really have any shock or cool factor. Just for example, Sponge. Why would anyone call themselves Sponge? This is a question I have yet to find an answer. Even some of the ones you could swear they pulled three words out of a hat and found some way to put them together sometimes have some good back stories. I like to try and guess reasons bands have picked certain names before I look them up just to see how far off I really was.

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    Monkey and a Roast Beef Sandwich

    Im going to throw one of our locals on the list. Monkey and a Roast Beef Sandwich, from Kalispell, has one on the strangest names I have ever come across. After asking Briar (singer/ guitarist) about it, he explained it was a random movie quote. If I remember correctly, the term "monkey and a roast beef sandwich" has been used in several different movies. If you want to catch M.R.B.S., they are playing tonight (5/29) at the Top Hat.

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    Black Stone Cherry

    What I Thought: Being around a hockey rink all the time, I know there is a skate sharpening system brand called Blackstone, and having used that to sharpen my skates before, I've been hit with the tiny red sparks of metal shard that I assumed is where the "Cherry" part of the name came from. Rumor Has It: B.S.C would get Blackstone Cigars and when they were looking for a band name, one of the guys looked down at the pack and read out "Black Stone" and the flavor "Cherry"

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    Cage the Elephant

    What I Thought: I was expecting this one to have some deep back story... I dont know exactly what. Maybe doing something difficult? Seems to me its pretty hard to cage an elephant. Rumor has it: Some crazy dude came up to the guys while they were out one night and started telling them "you need to cage the elephant"

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    Children Of Bodom

    What I Thought: I knew it was a place but had no idea what the significance was. Rumor Has It: Bodom is a lake in Finland where three out of four teenagers were butally murdered while camping and the only survivor was severely injured. This happened back in the 60's and is one of Findland's biggest unsolved mysteries.

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    What I Thought: I always just assumed that there was a 311 area code somewhere Rumor Has It: A friend of the band was arrested for indecent exposure, police code "311"

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