In compiling this series of videos, I saw one comment saying "I wish I were alive for drunk Metallica." I'm not sure I'd wish a return to drunkenness on anyone (addiction, in the end, is nothing to joke about). BUT, the energy of drunk Metallica is undeniable. BUT bands and people evolve, and it's kind of unreasonable to expect the same record in 2012 that Metallica gave you in 1984. Regardless, the new live DVD Quebec Magnetic is out Tuesday (GREAT cover!), directed by Wayne Isham, who not only did all of Metallica's previous live concert releases, but also directed Pink Floyd's "The Delicate Sound of Thunder."

(he's also done work for Whitney Houston and N'Sync...but we won't hold that against him)

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1989-from Live Sh*t Binge and Purge

1997-from Cunning Stunts (saw this tour in Ames, Iowa...amazing)

2009-the shows from Quebec that make up the new DVD