It started when we received a handful of bumper stickers. Soon, Kandahar Air Field (KAF) was dotted with oval decals reading “Montana Is For Badasses.” Whether it’s the living quarters, on the way to the Boardwalk, or just dropping off laundry, my unit sees little reminders of our badass home state.

The male barracks have a small outdoor common area with picnic tables where they can hang out after a long day of work. Until recently, the female area was not as lucky. Just last night, one of the 495th sergeants brought over a table they had made for our use. Not only did the new table kick the male table (which is so unbalanced it would be better used as a teeter-totter) right in the V joint, but ours came with some “badass” artwork.

During my outreach to live vicariously through The Blaze concert pictures and my friends’ Facebook pages, I found that not only is our table noted here and at home, but it is now the cover photo for the company Montana Is For Badasses. Now the question is: “when it’s time to leave, home are we gonna get this thing home?” Some say dissembling, I vote shrink ray.