Played hookie yesterday and ran off to sit on a frozen chunk of ice for 6 hours. Teaming up with The Captain of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show and Dick "Macman" Zimmer of Zimmer Tackle, we found ourselves catching a bucket full of tasty perch.

The three of us fished from about 9am till 3:30 and used tackle that was provided by Zimmer Tackle. The top lure was by far the Trilobite (pictured on the left) that had two treble hooks on both ends (otherwise known as the Double Wammy).

We caught quite a few perch, enough big ones to take about 20 home for dinner, most however were a little on the small size. We also caught one largemouth bass. (pictured above)

For more information on the reservoirs around Pablo, including Lone Pine, contact Zimmer Tackle at 406-675-0068.