Comedian Billy Wayne Davis will be making a stop here in Missoula, for two nights, Friday and Saturday (Sept. 6 and Sept. 7). Billy is a funny dude with a hillbilly attitude. The following are my thre favorite jokes from BWD.

Clips are NSFW

#3 - Southern Words

Billy is currently a implant to Seattle from the south, and is convinced that people think his accent automatically makes people think he is racist. Weird, because with my accent, people in the south think I ride my horse to work each day.

#2 - A Bad Fishing Experience

Billy talks about a fishing trip that was a traumatic experience. One way to get the birds to leave you alone? Give them an example of what could happen to them, if they don't.

#1 Selling Knives at the Airport

Billy notices the best business plan ever, selling knives at the airport. Genius!!!!

Don't miss Billy Wayne Davis at the Broadway Bar and Grill, this Friday and Saturday night. Get full details on the show and advanced tickets now.


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