After my little trip down memory lane with Guns N Roses yesterday, I cracked a brew (after work, of course, because everyone knows that radio is only good sober. Or something.) and started thinking about other fun shows I've seen. Ozzy came to mind. I caught Ozz numerous times over the years: various Ozzfests, and a couple times on his solo tours (most recently on his Black Rain tour when it came through Fargo a few years ago). But the BEST Ozzy I've ever seen was on the Ozzmosis tour back in 1995/1996 in Ames, Iowa. He saved Crazy Train for the end, and people were literally leaping from the mid-level seats down to the floor (8-12 feet, easy), chairs were flying everywhere, it was f**king bliss. You might recognize a couple members of Ozzy's band in the video below: Rob (currently in Metallica) is on bass, and Mike (former Faith No More) is behind the drumkit.