Yup, I did it again.  Made a bet I will most likely loose.  I told myself I was going to "go dry" to save some extra cash and followed that thought by joining my brother for a margarita, and later a beer.  After relating this story to one of my fellow hockey players, there was a bet made.

The Bet :  I, J.C., cannot drink any alcohol until January 29th.  If I fail, I buy a 6 pack PBR for my buddy.  If I prevail, they buy a case of PBR for me!

So its not only my pride at steak, but there is a CASE of P-ber at the end of this rainbow!  I have just under 3 weeks... No Fireball, no Pabst, nothing.   I think I can do it, but only time and sobriety will tell.  FYI: I'm already shaking my head at myself for this one.