And the rodent says. . . early Spring! The Pennsylvania Rodent didn't see his shadow (maybe it was cloudy?), so spring comes early this year.

Though, with the relatively mild weather Missoula's seen lately, maybe you didn't need a mouse-on-roids from Pennsylvania to tell ya that. In celebration, might I suggest enjoying some of the better Groundhog Day memes we've come across. Or watch the movie. Watch it over and over and over again (I find the experience more authentic that way).

On a final note, I'm not sure how much stock I put in Phil. My inlaws knew of a butcher from North Dakota that predicted weather based on the appearance of pig spleens. That guy knew what the f**k he was talking about. I say 'knew' becuase he died in 2011. Now we're stuck with Phil. And local weather people. Meh.