One of the less-talked-about outcomes of the recent election: Puerto Rico is moving closer to statehood. I'm all for it, as two of Puerto Rico's main exports are rum and "beverage concentrates" (i.e., mixers!!). Some folks, though, are less enthusiastic for Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state because the flag would need a 51st star...and it looks fine as it is...and where the hell would the 51st star go anyway...

Which leads me to my second point: 20 states started secession petitions in response to Obama's re-election. Overreact much? But I digress. Texas has over 25,000 signatures, the threshold required for an official federal government response. Other states bucking to get out include: North Dakota, Oregon, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.

I think there's a really simple solution to both issues: Let Puerto Rico (and their rum) in, and kick one state out. That way the flag stays at 50 stars. So my question is this: Which state would you get rid of, and why? Comment here, or hit up our Facebook page.

(I vote Texas. Because it's Texas. If they don't become their own country, give 'em back to Mexico...)