Want backstage to meet Shinedown, Adelita's Way, and In This Moment? That's right! ALL THREE BANDS!!!! Here is what you have to do:

1) Find me (J.C.)

2) Tell me "I'm searching for Shinedown"

Too easy right?  To make it even easier I will be calling into KC with clues and posting pictures of where I am on this web page, so keep checking back!  Keep listening to the Blaze because I get bored easily and will change locations, but don't worry KC will let you know when I do!

There are a few rules I've made so that finding me is a little easier:

1) I will be in Missoula City limits. I'm too lazy to go all the way out of town.

2) I WILL be on public property, WILL NOT be on private property.  Don't give some old lady a heart attack breaking into her house cause you thought I would be in her laundry room.

3) If there is any sort of a tie situation, I may quiz/request ridiculous tasks to be performed to decide a winner (brush up on your music knowledge and PBR fetching skills).  Lets face it, pick a number between 1 and 10 is not very entertaining.

When one of you finds me and tells me that you are "Searching for Shinedown" I will hook you up with two backstage passes to meet the bands.  These passes do not include access to the concert. You will have to get tickets if you want to see the show tomorrow night (try winning them from the Blaze Bombshell)

Hint 1: Im wearing a hat...







Hint 2: Big Money

Clue 3

Shinedown, with special guests Adelitas Way and In This Moment: 7 p.m., Saturday, July 28 at The Adams Center, 32 Campus Drive, Missoula. Tickets $35-$40; by them online at Griztix.com, by calling (406) 243-0211 and at all local GrizTix outlets, including the information booth at the Southgate Mall.