I spent two weeks away from my beloved Missoula and its local bands... I hope dont have to do that again for awhile! It was nice to come home, grab a PBR and catch a show that night.  Don't take your locals forgranted. You never know whos going to stay together or split, much lessif youll ever have a chance to see the next performacne. With that being said, heres your shows for this week.

Thurday, July 5

VFW 9pm | 21+ | Free

First Thursday of the Airstream Safari residency. ( you can see Airstream Safari every Thursday in July as they perform with different bands every week)

Friday, July 6

VFW 10pm | 21+ | $3

Black Wine
Brick Mower
Buddy Jackson
The Hasslers

Saturday, July 7

VFW 10pm | 21+ | $5
Travis Yost
Milk Music