The Huffington Post recently picked up a story about some rather exotic Japanese beer. From the article:

The beer, titled "Un, Kono Kuro" -- a pun on "unko," the Japanese word for "crap" -- is a coffee stout made with elephant dung coffee beans.

If the whole "tasty, exotic drinks from coffee beans and poop" racket sounds familiar, perchance you're thinking of Coffee Kopi Luwak . . . Jack's coffee of choice from The Bucketlist

Back to the beer: if you'd like to check out more about the brewery that makes it feel free. It's called Sankt Gallen. I'm sure the website contains a wealth of information on this beer, but it's in Japanese, so it could just as well say "you're a dumb American who can't read Japanese hahahahahahhaha f-you" and I wouldn't know the difference. Maybe one of Missoula's local breweries could do a northern Rockies version of the drink? Moose Sh*t Stout rolls off the tongue as easily as the ingredients roll out of Bullwinkles ANYWAY, not sure I'd drink it.

(Brewers: consider Moose Sh*t Stout trademarked! :-) )