So there I was at the Blacktop Ballet, sitting at the tip rail, making phallic shapes with my dollar bills and trying to make them stand up on the not so flat barrier that separated me from the stage. I was not successful.  I thought in my PBR saturated mind, "If only I could broaden my knowledge of origami as to have more options, this might not be a future problem.  If you don't want to suffer the same lack of performance issues with your dollar bills, I have something for you. No, its not wallet Viagra, but its close.  Ladies and gentlemen of the strip club movement, I give you Stripper - gami!

Get Fancy

If you didn't dress up for your ladies of the pole, make sure she knows you can be classy. Show her you know what a shirt and tie look like:

Give 'er Some Love

Valentine's Day is only a couple months away and if you would rather not try for a date and see some guaranteed nudity, let those dancers know they have a place in your heart.

Show Her She's Special

Throw her a beautiful butterfly to remind her of the little girl inside before the daddy issues came to the surface.