I can remember the days of playing a LAN game of Halo on the original Xbox. The best part of a LAN game was that all the people you were playing were within physical ass kicking range. I remember actually walking down the halls of Miller to beat one of my opponents over the head with a controller until it broke into small pieces (anger issues.) But, now if you want to seek revenge for a bad beat on a video game, you cant just walk down the hall. You have to call in an actual SWAT team. It is called "swatting" and it is happening all across the country to unsuspecting "Call of Duty" gamers.

According to the NY Post

A prank caller pretending to be Rafael Castillo, 18, of Long Beach, called the police Tuesday and said he killed his mother and brother. SWAT teams, hostage negotiators, ambulance and dozens of police officers surrounded Castillo’s home on Laurelton Boulevard.