PooPourri – For When a Girls Gotta Go [VIDEO]
I know we are only a day into 2014, but this is the best commercial I've seen this year! This is an actual product so clear a spot next to your Sh*ttens and keep your PooPourri at the ready!
See the Outrageous Kmart “Ship My Pants” Commercial [VIDEO]
Move over Martha Stewart, Kmart has a new lease on life with the "Ship My Pants" commercial. Every once in awhile, a group of marketing geniuses will have an idea for a commercial that is so funny you can't help but find the urge to buy the product. Let's just say that ev…
Pure Evil Could be in Your Home [VIDEO]
If you have ever watched a movie or show about a haunting in someone's house, they always have a dog who seems to notice the haunting before the family picks up on it. Dogs have a heightened sense that can pick up on things that people can't. The following video explains why my dog has bee…