demo derby

2014 Western Montana Fair Demolition Derby
I have to say, the demolition derby is one of the highlights of my summer every year. Nothing screams "MERICA" like exhaust fumes and crunching metal. Yours truly, along with the Tallest DJ in America, will be hosting the 2014 NAPA Demolition Derby.
2013 Demolition Derby Recap – Our 5 Favorite Texts
We are still smelling like exhaust and scraping the mud out of our teeth, from the recent demolition derby at the Western Montana Fair. During the fair, yours truly and the tallest DJ in America, were your announcers on the PA. We asked you to text us messages to be read over the speakers. It soon b…
Demo Derby 2011
Carnage, Chaos, Fire, Exhaust, Dirty, America! Words I would use to describe The Western MT Fair Demolition Derby. It is more All-American than hating terrorists. American steel and burning rubber smashing together in a fight to the death...
Fairs & Carnivals Bring Out The Freaks
It's true, fairs & carnivals bring the freaks out and it's not just the employees.  Nuthin' like a beer garden plus a day under the hot sun plus farm animals plus clowns plus carnies plus barf inducing rides to bring out the crazy in everybody.