10 Reasons Why High Waist Shorts are a Bad Choice
I recently ran across an article on Facebook written by a very wise person. I have to admit that I didn’t read the article, but I was instantly drawn to the topic. So, I decided to use this topic for my own article. Here it is. Ten reasons why high waist shorts are a bad choice
Fashion Goes Hunting
Thanks to my husband and his obsession with hunting, I’ve been coerced into taking it up as a hobby. In the past few years I’ve compiled quite a collection of camouflage clothing. They range in color from pink to orange and green to white. You can get camouflage in almost any color now a…
Lzzy Hale Launches ‘Scissor Happy’ Merch Line
Has the rock goddess gone fashion queen? Lzzy Hale has begun to design her own merch under the lable of "Scissor Happy." Most of the inspiration comes from things she has broken and fixed up while on the road.  There are only 4 items right now and you can find them at the Scissor Happy By …
Are the ‘90s Back?
Could it really be true? Could the ‘90s be coming back? According to a few celebrities it is. It seems that the staple footwear from the glorious grunge days is back. Timberland boots are back and tromping up and down Hollywood Boulevard.