Missoula Ranked in the Best/Worst Cities for March Madness
I think the fact we ranked period is a good sign and shows we are one of the better cities in the state at least for March Madness but not when it comes to other cities elsewhere. Sometimes college basketball is the most popular sport in an area just like college football is for us.
Missoula’s Big Dipper Rolls Out Montana Beer Ice Cream
Genius! Mixing Montana beers and Missoula's famous ice cream for three tasty treats. I hope more roll out soon. Two very popular things, especially in Missoula, are Big Dipper ice cream and micro-brews from our local breweries. Well get ready for Montana beer ice cream! Made from our local bee…
What is Montana’s Windiest City
We know we can deal with some wind here but where does it really blow... literally? We are going to find out the windiest city/town in the state.
What area do you think is most windy here? Many think it would be Great Falls, as they do get some crazy wind and they do hold the highest average annual w…

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