See Tattoo Up Close in Slow Motion
I don't know if it is just the needle moving to the music, or the hypnotic motion that makes me like this, but I do know, it makes me want another tattoo...
Man With Realistic Gun Tattoo Surrounded by Police
Police had surrounded his house in response to a report that Smith was armed with a gun as he was yelling at the contractors on his property. He said, "Yeah, I got this gun on me all the time. It’s tattooed on!"
Phat Tatt’s Customer Appreciation Party
Ready for a killer party? Go out to Phat Tatt's on North 1st Street in Hamilton on Saturday, September 1st. Starting at 3pm, you get a whole bunch of different music, drinks (Thanks to Cowboy Troy's) and food!
Vidiot: Van Halen “Tattoo”
I quote Joe Dirt on this one "Here are my favorite bands: AC/DC, Van Halen (not Van Haggar), Skynard, Def Lep......". For todays vidiot pick, we take a trip into the past and the present.
They are back. Love them or hate them. This band has had a huge influence on rock and roll...

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