Tool Confirmed for Spokane Arena
Rumor has it that MJK got some awesome new ink, but my favorite recent Tool rumor ended up being true! I have been burned before, but it's been six years since Tool blew off Missoula and I think I'm ready to try again for another Tool concert.
Top 5 Black Sabbath Songs
Hey Black Sabbath fans, feast your eyes on this list of the top 5 Black Sabbath songs, and while you're at it, enter for a chance to win tickets to see Ozzy and company live in Las Vegas. The prize package includes round-trip airfare from your city to Las Vegas, two nights accommodations, $500 cash …
13 Days of Dares [CONTEST]
Want to win tickets to our upcoming Blaze Birthday Bash? We got tickets to Clutch, Hellyeah, All That Remains and Nonpoint to be given away over the next few weeks.
Neither Heaven Nor Hell…Just Missoula [Photo Contest]
Volbeat are making their way back to Missoula this March. This will be their third trip through town. Since they seem to enjoy the sights and sounds of Missoula, we want you to suggest what you think they absolutely need to experience while visiting town.
Blaze Bombshell – The Hunt For Shinedown Tickets
You will have one last chance to score Shinedown tickets before Saturday's show. But ofcourse we are gonna make you work for it. As most men know (but are ashamed to admit) talking to hot chicks is difficult. Well, sack up and try not to stutter. Because on Saturday starting at 4pm. It will be you j…
Sublime W Rome: Back To Missoula
When my grandkids ask me "Grandpa, what were your favorite bands growing up?" I guarantee you that Sublime will be near the top of that list. Back in 2010, when I heard that Sublime reunited with the help of their new singer, Rome, I s#...

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