Universal Choke Sign “Bogart” – Vidiot
On this 4/20 holiday we celebrate the "Happiest Day Of The Year." Kronos Kustoms will also be celebrating their 1st Birthday tonight at the Dark Horse. We will be enjoying live music from A Balance of Power, Rikshaw, Fallen is Babylon and, our "Hometown Homeboys", Universal Choke…
Local shows 12/20 – 1/1
Photo courtesty of FacebookHello Local 406 Listeners! Im going to give you the shows for the rest of the year. Next Sunday happens to be Christmas and instead of working, I'm hoping to be comatose from too many sugar cookies and hot cocoa.
UCS Vs. Ambedext
Check THIS shit out. A couple of weeks ago Cherie from Demonlily texted me saying Universal Choke Sign did a song with Ambedext at the Andre Nickatina show at the Wilma, and I'm like what the eff are you crazy a-holes up to NOW!? As you know, UCS are totally down for whatever, they're ba…
11.11.11 National Metal Day–Horns Up!
So about a month ago I started hearing about National Metal Day and I'm like what the Hell?  Did I get too drunk last year and miss that this official American holiday exists?  Did an email from Satan accidentally go to my spam folder?
Local 406 Block Party In Frenchtown
This is gonna' be effin' HUGE!  We are celebrating the return of Local 406 to the airwaves with a local band showcase and block party at the Alcan in Frenchtown.
Holy Dollheads!
First I'm thrilled to report that the Wilma has removed at least 2 more rows of seats so we have the more room to beat the crap out of each other.