Woman Injured Having Sex on the Job Gets Workman’s Comp
Time to move to Australia and schlep our lives away as public servants or crocodile wrestlers. Why? Well, a judge decided that a woman who was injured having sex at an Australian motel while on a work trip is entitled to Workman’s Compensation. How do we get that deal, since the circumstances sound …
Man Tries To Eat A Whopper With 1,050 Strips Of Bacon
Japanese website Rocket News decided to pay ¥7000 or $86.85 to add 1050 strips of bacon to a Whopper, then film a dude trying to pig it all down. There are many flaws with this plan, namely that Whopper is the size of a toddler, but the contender here is clearly not prepared for this particular …
Girlfriend’s Boobs Exposed Hacker
A girlfriend’s assets can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes they can get you out of a ticket or cut the line at a club, other times they can instigate fights or, worse, expose the location of your criminal activities.
Google Augmented Reality Glasses Will Kill Us All
Hot off their April Fools Joke about Google 8-Bit for Nintendo comes the media giant’s announcement they’re in the process of testing augmented reality glasses that make you feel like Iron Man or the Terminator and look like Levar Burton’s character in Star Trek .
Women Make Noise During Sex to Get You to Hurry Up
Studies show that most women make noise (and lots of it) when engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s not because they’re nearing orgasm. Those loud moans are more of an effort to make you feel good about yourself and the size of your package and because she wants you to hurry the hell up.

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