First, a note about the photo: Hotwife thinks Taylor Swift looks like an alien (and, as it turns out, 145 people on Facebook agree). I like the picture because it looks like something Georgia O'Keeffe might dream up while watching Star Trek (Georgia is the one whose flower paintings remind people of vaginas).

ANYWAY . . .

While mindlessly wandering the internet looking for non-flower vaginas I stumbled upon this quiz at Buzzfeed: "Taylor Swift Song or Self-Help Book?" It's kind of like strip joint or steakhouse, but without the strippers and meat (another side note: I saw a place in Orlando, don't recall the name, that was BOTH a stripjoint AND a steakhouse. Driving past I thought left was right, up was down. It was all very confusing).

I'm happy to report that I only got 50% of the questions right, as getting more than half the quesitons right on ANYTHING Taylor Swift related makes me 1000% not metal. Take the quiz at your own risk. Fellas, if you do well, Taylor might just find out . . . and then Taylor will date you . . . and then dump you . . . and then flash her camel toe at the Grammys while singing the song she wrote about you . . . and then your song is on the next quiz about Taylor Swift songs . . . this s**t could spiral out of control quickly.