By: JC
Back to school, Back to School…. Signing up for an 8am class made me feel like a tool… Classes are cutting into my summer lifestyle of doing nothing with my time other than rocking out at some awesome shows and lifting the tab on a PBR can. Not to mention making me forget to post all the shows you want to see this week!

If you read my rant a week or two ago about not seeing the Boxcutters, I was joking about being cursed then. Now I am almost positive that I am.  The Boxcutters were scheduled to play Live and Local at The Badlander last Tuesday.  I go, they don’t play.  I later find that they had to cancel.  I have a feeling that it will be a long time before I see this band… but The Blox were fun to see again and GRIT filled the night with some pretty chill tunes.

Thank you to Beefcurtain for being my guest last Sunday, Im looking forward to seeing those guys play again.  Walking Corpse Syndrome will be my guest this Sunday so get yourselves pumped for some metal!

But until then, enjoy these dates:

Friday, September 2nd

Top Hat


Fiancee (Missoula)

Hoots and Hellmouth (Philadelphia, PA)

Saturday, September 3rd

The Palace Lounge


Tidal Horn (Missoula)

Helligans (Great Falls)

Green Sickness (Missoula)

Peek into Next Week:

Monday September 5th

ZACC Basement

9pm|ALL AGES|$5

Animal Skins (Boise, ID)

Gernika (Boise, ID)

TSMF (Missoula)

Candyland Liberation Front (Missoula)