[/caption]Lost 2 earrings, broke my bra, and one of my shoes was MIA... and that was just due to the mosh pit!  As you well know, Wayne Static played Monk's last night.  This is my story.



I came to the venue early and volunteered myself as a runner for the night. Runners are the "errand boys"  (or girls :-) ) who pretty much make the beer runs or act as a driver for staff during the concert.  I went to fill the rider (band shopping list) and drove the tour manager and the bus driver back and forth between the tour bus and the venue for the first part of the night, then was assigned to take Wayne and Tera out to dinner.  Tera (fully clothed at this point) was set on going to Staggering Ox.  I try to keep as calm as possible, but there is a huge difference between how I act and what is actually going on in my head when I find myself in these situations. Especially when I'm working for an artist that occupies a huge chunk of space on my MP3 player!  For example:

Wayne and Tera get in my car-

What I say:  "Hi, where do you want me to take you?"

What I'm thinking: "Holy S#!%"

Wayne, Tera and I go into Staggering Ox-

What I say: Nothing

What I'm thinking: "Holy f#(%!#& s#!%!!!!"

Wayne buys me a Sobe-

What I say: "Thanks, man!"

What I'm thinking: "Oh my God! Wayne Static just bought me a Sobe?!?!"

I took this pic and sent it to Angel right away.

After picking up some grub, I got to chill and watch the show till I had to go back to pick up Wayne Static for his set. By the way, awesome set by everyone there! Polkadot Cadaver is amazing live!

Finally, back at the venue with the man himself... I was not going to miss out on this mosh! I jumped in and worked my way to the front. For about half the set I was jumping up and down, bumping off people, taking elbows to the ribs, and getting soaked in not only my own sweat, but everyone else's slime as well. All of the sudden, there was a sharp pain under my arm. I reached down and felt something sharp poking me.  My bra had just broke.  The under wire decided to revolt and shank me in the middle of the pit. I turned around and tried to head back out and the guy behind me  asked "Do you need out?" I said yes and kept trying to get past him. He shouts at his buddy "Hey! She wants UP!"  All of the sudden these two guys pick me up and I am crowd surfing! I guess the music was drowning out the difference between "up" and "out."  As soon as I was on top of the crowd, I noticed one foot felt weird.  I looked down.  One of my shoes was missing! I still had to drive Wayne back to the bus!

I hopped around in my one shoe as much as I could but after awhile, you don't care if you are standing  with your sock in a beer puddle (or what I hope was a beer puddle). Then it was back to the bus: Wayne, Tera, Wayne's Tour Manager, and I with my one shoe.  I got to hang out with those guys while I waited to go pick up the bus driver.  Do you know how hard it is to remember what your talking about in a conversation when Wayne Static comes out in nothing but a towel and Tera is walking around the bus topless?  Talk about a major loss of focus!

All in all, I had a great night with minimal collateral damage. I later found out my friend grabbed my shoe for me, and my bra is now on the wall in the Blaze studio with Wayne's signature on one cup and Tera's on the other.