Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton shared a letter with KGVO and KLYQ from an 11 year-old boy in his weekly crime report that deeply impressed him with its power and bravery.

“I got the letter this morning through a member of my staff,” said Holton. “When I put my press release together I thought what he said was very appropriate and I think he nailed what people are thinking and feeling right now.”

Following is the text of that letter from an 11 year-old Ravalli County resident, shared by Sheriff Steve Holton.

‘Good and Bad" March 27, 2020’
‘It's heartbreaking. It's scary. It's outrageous. I know. Coronavirus is affecting so many people in many ways. Whether it's indirectly or directly, it's going to be ok. There are many good and bad things in the world. There are many bad things in this situation. Though, every thunderstorm has a silver lining. People will become more prepared for the next health crisis, good thing. A lot of people are recovering, very good thing. People are losing their lives, very bad thing. There is nothing we can do in the past. There is little we can do right now. But there is much we can do in the future. I know it's horrific. I know it's depressing. I know it is driving you crazy. But we must stay together. We can't save lives in the past. We can barely do it in the present. If we come together as a community (even more than we are now), we can do a lot about lives in the future. This is our war... let's fight it together’.

Holton said ‘he gets it’, and then added, ‘well said young man’.

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