The Missoula County Attorney’s office processed fifteen felony cases this past week, including three violent offenses.

"There was  a sexual abuse of children case and then two not involving family at all," said Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst. "There were an assault with a weapon in which a man allegedly pulled a knife on police officers who were investigating a burglary in progress. There was also a robbery case."

Pabst says there were two child endangerment charges as well as a case of endangering the welfare of a child, then a bunch of property crimes.

"Quite a few property crimes, two thefts one involving a suspect that reportedly cut off his court ordered alcohol monitoring device then there were two criminal mischief cases, one in which the defendant allegedly took a shovel and smashing out a vehicle's window, then smashing out a window at the Poverello center," Pabst said.

Beyond that there were a handful of meth cases and two tampering cases one of which involved a man that allegedly assumed an old roommate’s identity for over a year.



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