The summer sun really has a way of bringing out a thirst for MEAD. Especially when you are dressed from head to toe in heavy body armor. Not, to mention your horse is not a fan of your jousting ability. Your page is exhausted from lugging around your broadsword. But, its all fun and games in medieval combat.

Kalispell is gearing up for the 1st annual Montana Renaissance Faire this July. With two full weekends of Medieval fun.

According to the Montana Renaissance Faire website

Patrons will witness the high energy, real life battles, vivid raw horse to ground take downs, and the sheer excitement of a high speed joust! An action packed Hollywood worthy Tournament, the Dark Knights are truly the heavyweights of medieval warfare. FEEL the ferocity of thundering hooves rush the stage. Watch Knights in an epic battle, witness jousting, chariot racing, and ground combat! Enjoy comedic characters performing amazing stunts in a grand celebration.

What renaissance fair would be complete without food? Giant turkey legs? Various meats on sticks?

Camping is available for the events, with privative tents sites for $20 or RV sites for $40.

Day passes are available for adults and kids. Adult days passes are $25 and $15 for kids. Or you can stay the whole weekend, with weekend passes for adults $45 and $25 for kids.

The weekends are also themed.

The weekend of July 24th and 25th will center around Fairies.

The weekend of July 31st and August 1st will be a masquerade theme.

Get tickets and camping passes before they are gone

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