'Member that one time when Metallica replaced band gear that was stolen from Blistered Earth? Come see that equipment in action at the Blistered Earth show on Saturday, December 2nd at the Dark Horse! If you've never experienced 'the best Metallica tribute band on the planet,' prepare to have your mind blown. Cover is $5.

Since we're 'membering things...remember a few months back when Walking Corpse Syndrome were taking suggestions for what to call their tour. Well, the TRASH PANDA TOUR is ON and their stop in Missoula is Friday, November 3rd at the Dark Horse. Undying Avarice & Headcase Harmony are the openers.

If you're planning to hit the Walking Corpse show with a group, 4 tickets or more are half price when you buy online. If you're buying single tickets, you still get a discount for buying in advance. Otherwise, $10 at the door.

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