With the epic trifecta of Foo Fighters/Motörhead, the Share The Welt Tour & The Buried Alive Tour all hitting the Adams Center, 2011 has hands down been the biggest year for live rock EVER in Missoula.  I've said it a million times, there's nothing I love more than Concert Day.  Seriously, is there anything better than having your perfect concert buddies next to you at a show you've been dying to see?  It's the BEST feeling in the world.  Check out all of the amazing live rock you saw this year!

2011--A Year Of Live Rock

3/05  Royal Bliss at the Dark Horse


3/18  The Blaze 11th Birthday Bash featuring the Music As A Weapon Tour with KORN, DISTURBED, SEVENDUST & In This Moment at the Adams Center (Fieldy called me on my cell phone and asked us to pick him up at the Adams Center because he was bored.  I almost drove off the road!)

3/21 The Blaze Birthday Bash Hangover featuring DROWNING POOL, POP EVIL, Anew Revolution, Static Cycle & UCS at The Wilma


4/01 April Fool's Day at The Wilma with VOLBEAT, The Damned Things & Hourcast (Scott muther effin' Ian letting me drive him to the radio station.  Epic moment!)  Incredible, incredible, incredible show.

4/16 Anchored at the Dark Horse

5/06 Hemlock at the Dark Horse

5/26 FOOZOOLA!!  Foo Fighters & Motörhead at the Adams Center.  (Record long set list.  Greatest day of my life.)

6/19 Psychostick at the Dark Horse

7/12  Stone Temple Pilots in Billings (OK, it's not Missoula, but a lot of Missoulians cruised down for that show and reported that Scott Weiland rocked the Hell out of it.)

7/30  Soundgarden & Queens Of The Stone Age at The Gorge (Again, not Missoula, but what a huge announcement.  Man did I want to see this show sooooo bad!)

8/06  Hinder, Egypt Central, Adelitas Way at The Wilma

8/16  We Came As Romans at The Wilma

8/18  Kottonmouth Kings at The Wilma

8/20  Alcan Block Party in Frenchtown (This was SUCH a fun party!!) with UCS, Your Divine Tragedy, Little Giants, High Voltage, Red Carpet Devils

8/27  Volbeat Volbash at The Wilma with Cold & Anchored (The guys in Volbeat love your reaction so much, they came back for seconds!  Expected a little more from Cold, but Volbeat were incredibly gracious, as always.)

9/06  Butthole Surfers at The Wilma (WEIRD show, really, really good show, but strange as Hell.  Borderline scary.  Good stuff.)

9/07  Queensryche at The Wilma

9/08  Brian "Head" Welch at The Wilma

9/29  Seven Day Sonnet at the Dark Horse

10/01  Insane Clown Posse at The Wilma (Rumor has it ICP still has not paid The Wilma for the insane amount of damage they caused.)

10/02  10 Years at The Wilma

10/04  Hank III at The Wilma

10/06 Rehab at the Top Hat


10/24 Share The Welt tour at the Adams Center featuring FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, All That Remains, Hatebreed & Rev Theory (Ivan Moody was under the weather but still invited our backstage winners out to the bus for autographs.  Super cool dude, and he rocked it on stage even though he didn't feel too great.)

11/29  Puddle of Mudd & Pop Evil at The Wilma

12/10  Dimestock at the Dark Horse with UCS, Blessiddoom, Warcry & Beef Curtain


12/13  Buried Alive Tour at the Adams Center featuring AVENGED SEVENFOLD, Hollywood Undead, Asking Alexandria & Black Veil Brides

That's a helluva list you guys, a TON of kickassery!  Earlier this year we asked you on Facebook who you wanted to see in Missoula and the top 2 requests were A7X & FFDP.  We're genuinely stoked that with the help of local and area promoters, we were able to deliver.

Thank YOU for supporting live rock in Missoula, cheers to another year of hard rockin' goodness.