Last year I had an awesome going away party at the Dark Horse with The Sammus Theory and Cage9. I also snuck in a Koffin Kats show and a Royal Bliss concert before I had to take off.  As luck would have it, I had a pass over Thanksgiving and just happened to be in the same town as an Authority Zero concert. Needless to say, I cashed in on that as well. I lived vicariously through facebook while I was in Afghanistan and pouted every time I saw there was a good show in the Missoula area. I missed so many good ones including: Dropkick Murphys, Volbeat, Nonpoint, Lamb Of God, Three Days Grace, and Five Finger Death Punch (just to name a few).  This is where I need help from all of you. If you have pictures from ANY concert you went to in 2013, I want to see them!

When you submit your photo, we will put them up for voting and the winner will receive tickets to the first two Blaze concerts of 2014.  Yes, this does include In This Moment!

Not only are we taking your awesome pictures of all the bands, but anything that has to do with the concert. For example:

  • You snapped a pic of you pre-gaming in your kitchen with a shot in one hand and your tickets in the other
  • You have a group photo of you and your concert buddies hanging out in the Wilma and your girlfriend is desperately clinging to the railing so she wont fall down the stairs in those high heels
  • You got an awesome phone shot that wasn't a blurry mess
  • You snuck backstage and took photos before the big bad bouncer Goldie tossed your sorry butt

Anything to do with a concert in 2013, I wanna see! Upload your pic and tell me the story behind it.

Submissions are closed but vote for your favorite photo!