The annual Clark Fork Cleanup dates have been announced. But, this year is going to look a little different. This year the Clark Fork Cleanup is going to be held virtually. Your probably scratching your head thinking "how in the heck is anyone going to cleanup the Clark Fork river from their computer?"

According to the Clark Fork Coalition Facebook Event page

Our shared space may be virtual, but there will be nothing virtual about the good you’ll do for the Clark Fork River by joining in this year. Here’s what’s in store:
Sign-up (new!): Choose your river reach through an online, interactive map (live April 5th)
Supplies: Bring your own, or we’ll provide bags and gloves at designated pick-up sites
Trash and recycling drop-off: We’ll have dumpsters at strategic locations around town
Staying connected: Send us your photos, videos, and stories — we’ll be out there collecting them too as we gear up to share your awesomeness as a river rock star with more people than ever before!
The event is schedule to take place Saturday April 17th, thru Earth Day (Thursday April 22nd.) Judging by the organization of the event, and that you can choose what section of river you want to help clean through an online interactive map, this looks to be a smart way to put on the event.
This is a great way to volunteer for our community as well as give back to the river that so many of us cherish. Get more info on the Clark Fork Coalition webpage.

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