ITS BAAAACK! The Area 406 Festival is returning to Kalispell this weekend.

The Kalispell fairgrounds are soon going to be transformed into ground zero of an alien invasion. Something that will resemble an out-of-this-world landing zone. The AREA 406 Music and Arts Festival is returning for yet another EPIC summer party.

June 28th through June 29th at the Flathead County Fairgrounds

Over 2 dozen artists will be performing over the course of both days, with headliners like SNAILS and HI I'M GHOST.

Tons of national and regional talent will also be performing LIVE over the 2-day event including a visit from our pal, Nick Ferrington.

Tickets are on sale now and range from $89 for GA to $400 for tickets and RV camping.

Yes, camping will also be available, as the party is scheduled to go all night.
There will even be a silent disco for the late-night hours, (that is when the party goes on, but with everyone wearing wireless headphones), an experience that we have heard is out of this world.
Alien and space-themed dress is strongly encouraged with everything from cosplay to astronauts and little green men. Food trucks will be on-site as well as live art demonstrations and lawn games.
Stretch out your party arm and dust off your space suit, as this party is going to be out of this world.

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