Montana is now the only state in the nation that doesn’t ban at least some drivers from texting, now that South Carolina’s new law took effect this week. Montana state senator Christine Kaufmann said even though some counties have banned texting while driving, she believes Montana should have some kind of statewide legislation to address this issue:

"It just makes sense, you know?" Kaufmann said. "There's really three basic things that are wrong with using these electronic devices. One, it takes your eyes off the road. Second, it takes your hands off the wheel. A third one is it takes your mind off the task of driving. All of those are critical, at least to accidents and deaths, in the state of Montana."

Kaufmann said she’s in full support of any legislation that is brought next session looking to ban texting while driving.

"I'll be there to support it and help it out along the way," Kaufmann said. "I think it's an important policy for the state of Montana and it's shameful that we are last. I think it's important to always work for a policy that you think is best and to me that is a ban on the use of these devices while driving."

Department of Transportation Director Mike Tooley said he believes Montana needs such a ban, but the state has left such laws to municipalities.

Christine Kaufmann:

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