If you like half-marathons, but your one complaint is "Man, I wish this was really cold and a lot tougher," then here's an event for you!

The 41st annual Snow Joke Half-Marathon is back in Seeley Lake this year, taking place on Saturday, February 29th from 11 Am to 3:30 PM. Here's the description from their website:

The Snow Joke is a timed footrace run during mid-winter in the remote community of Seeley Lake, Montana.  This race is a great opportunity to test your fitness before a spring marathon; to give you an incentive to keep training through the winter; or, just a good excuse to come out and take a run through the Seeley Lake Cheetah Persevere.

This race has the potential for cold, snow and/or icy roadways. The average high temperature on race day is 32 degrees; but, the record low is -9 and the record high is 59.  Be prepared for anything as the race organizers intend to hold the event regardless of conditions. Participants should come prepared for the weather.  The National Weather Service forecast for Seeley Lake can be found by clicking HERE.

Race officials will not enforce any time cutoff. However, volunteers at aid stations and acting as course monitors will be released based on a pace of 16 minutes per mile (3 hours, 30 minutes finish time). Participants slower than this pace cannot count on continuing aide or active course marshals.  Finish times will be recorded until every runner has completed the course.

Think you've got what it takes for this? Here's the link to register.

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